At Pro4Pros, we believe that client consulting extends far beyond employment contract negotiations. We maintain close contact with our clients year-round. Our services include assistance and advice in all aspects of our clients’ professional and personal lives. Pro4Pros will provide individualized care to assist our clients with day-to-day matters. We offer our clients a complete package of services that are managed with German precision, dedication and transparency. Pro4Pros works with a team of experts, and we are committed to doing everything we can to place our clients in the best environment conducive to development on and off court to accomplish their dreams and goals.

Contract Negotioation

We focus on our clients’ personal needs in collaboration with our knowledge of the market assessment, sports, law and negotiation experience to procure the best contract possible. Pro4Pros ensures that every contract we negotiate is in the best interest of our clients. We take care of every detail and update our clients step-by-step, to ensure our clients make informed decisions concerning their careers.

Medical Care

We believe that the body of an athlete has to be treated with special attention. We ensure that every client receives the best medical care possible. Should an athlete and/or their family require or request additional medical insurance, we can provide them with additional services. In the unfortunate event of injury, Pro4Pros is there to support our clients during the entire medical process.

Media & Marketing

We develop digital strategies to use the potential of your social media performance and position your company on the market persistantly. We design social media strategies and user experiences with a unique research based process we call Informed Creativity.


Physical and mental training is imperative for any professional athlete. At Pro4Pros, we believe that preparation is essential to high performance. We provide athletic coaches, personal trainers and nutritionists to create a comprehensive tailor-made training program for our clients to:

- Get in optimal playing shape
- Stay in optimal playing shape
- Improve individual basketball skills
- Improve athleticism
- Rehabilitate from injury

Family First

Legal Advice

We work together with Jenckel Attorney and Notary, which specializes in commercial law and sports law, thus provides extensive consultancy services within this field. Our clients appreciate the short lines of communication ensuring direct contact with their attorney. Their core competencies include the following areas of practice:

- Corporate Law, M&A
- International Sports Law
- Real Estate Law
- Law of Succession
- Public Procurement Law
- Litigation


We believe that education is a prime factor in a post-career plan and an important family backbone. We work with our clients to assess their educational needs. We provide language tutoring, E-learning and long distance education solutions during their professional careers. We take all necessary steps to ensure that our clients’ basic educational needs are handled.

Player Development

Our mission is to provide exceptional players with a challenging program that will offer opportunities to compete in global competitions, with a goal that these players will gain exposure to enhance their opportunities to further their development.

Post Career Panning

We work with our clients to determine their post-playing career aspirations. We create a developmental plan and build a path for our clients to achieve their goals. From the beginning, we work with our clients to assist them in building networking skills that will help them transition from the playing field to the business field. We will also assist in identifying job opportunities and in the preparation of employment applications and interviews.